TV Fitness Analyst

Frankie Rongo was the NWCN Fitness Analyst from 2001-2005.  His segments appeared weekly and covered all aspects of training and nutrition.  He wrote and co-produced all of the segments.  Frankie is currently available for fitness related TV and video work.

Fitness Biography

*NWCN TV Fitness Analyst, Coach Frankie, 2001-2005
*ACE certified national trainer
*Continuing education member
*IDEA elite trainer status
*Masters Bodybuilding Champion
*Competitive NPC member
*State Powerlifting Official
*30 Years practical experience
*Golds Gym Fitness Director
*Tupperware Food Plan c.2003
*Author - Lifetime Fitness Foodplan c.1995
*Inventor - Calfroller c.1999
* (video series creator)
*Elementry education major