"I started powerlifting at 12 years of age!! So basically my whole life it's been the cornerstone of all my training. Most of my clients are taught the basics to provide a strong structural base of strength!! I currently compete in the Masters 55-59 year old division 183lb or 205 lb weight class. I've held over 20 Wa State records in the squat and deadlift and also have set 3 American records in the deadlift with the USAPL federation. In 2014 I set an American deadlift record of 457.5 lbs---looking to top that at this years Alki Wa State power meet in August."

AAU World Powerlifting Champion Masters Division

washington powerlifting

washington powerlifting

powerlifting WA state


5-New WA State Records Masters Men 55-59 183 lbs
Deadlift-473.9 American Record
Grand Total-1036.4