6I come from a very musical family as my mother father and brother are professional musicians. I started playing drums with my fathers wedding band when I was only 10 years old!! All through HS I continued as a rock drummer with many garage bands. When I turned 18, I entered the infamous Jersey Bar club scene circuit, playing 6 nights a week throughout the late 70's and 80's.. Bon Jovi, Springsteen, and Twisted Sister all came out of that circuit during that time. Out here in Seattle I continued playing in Heavy Metal bands, Triathlon, Thor, Nightshade and most recently Q5. 2014 was a highlight year for me having played at the Swedish Rock Festival--in which we opened for Black Sabath!! Q5 and Nightshade music can be heard in I tunes and YouTube and if you got the chance check out my brother Danny Rongo's web site Dannyrongo.com as he is a very accomplished singer songwriter, his new CD is available for purchase!!

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