Acting Resume

SAG Eligible

Dramatic Artists Agency, Inc. Height:  6'2"
50-16th Avenue Hair: Dark Brown
Kirkland, WA  98033 Eyes: Brown
(425) 827-4147 Fax (425) 827-1948


Infomercial/Kid Fit USA Star/Coach Frankie Charter Communication
Northwest Cable News Live/Fitness Analyst NWCN
NWCN Fitness tips Guy Farris
The Fugitive Wayne Zabisko Warner Bros.
Northern Exposure Desk Clerk Pipeline Prod.
Entertainment Tonight Drummer/featured band NBC
KIRO TV Newstory Drummer/weightlifter Larry Sturholm
ESPN Newstory Drummer/weightlifter Larry Sturholm
KIRO TV Newstory Interviewed/record deal Larry Sturholm
KOMO TV Newstory Interviewed/steroid abuse John Larson


Nocturne/short subject co-star Jack Maelstrom Prod.
Salvation Drummer Beth B.
Lessie's Rainbow Soldier Tony Romano
Sleepless in Seattle Ballroom dancer Big Onion Prod.


Kid Fit USA Series Star/Coach Frankie Charter Communication
MTV Sir Mixalot( Swap Meet Louie) Principal/Rich Snob Woo Art Int/Warner B.
MTV Triathlon (Through You) Drummer Mike Apel
MTV Triathlon (Tough Enough) Drummer Steve Adamek
Night Tracks (Tough Enough) Drummer Mike Apel


Lifetime Fitness Foodplan Spokesperson Maelstrom Prod.
Showtime/Action T.V. Principal/Streetfighter Pinnacle Prod.
Bon Marché Principal/Husband Bon Marché
Ernst Principal/Family man Ernst Prod.
Ernst Principal/Dad Ernst Prod.
Key Bank Principal/Executive Richard Getz
ARCO Principal/Husband/dad Bill Holden Prod.
University of Washington Principal/drug dealer PAL Prod.
Washington Forests Principal/Husband/dad Van Akeran Prod.
United Furniture Warehouse Principal/Husband/dad KTZZ Prod.
Carson, Piere, Scott Principal/Businessman CM2 Prod.


Air India Executive Boeing Prod.


Tony Romano On Camera Workshop
Roth Casting Commercial Technique Workshop
Alison Roth, Acting Coach
Susan Dixon (Introduction to Acting)